Complex Commercial Transactions and Corporate Services

Our firm is experienced in creating, operating and dismantling complex commercial structures and transactions including multi-jurisdictional joint ventures. We can advise on structuring, create the companies, assist in managing the ventures, and when the time comes, advise on the sale of the enterprise or dismantle it. We also provide guidance and support in the case of international fraud, and fraud recovery.

Our firm represents a wide spectrum of businesses from small closely held companies to large international corporations. Our attorneys advise clients at all stages of corporate existence, from choice of entity, formation procedures, day-to-day management and decision-making. Our services range from drafting contracts and other legal documents, developing strategies, to negotiating and closing business transactions. A sample of the breadth of services that we have provided for our clients includes: Formation of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships, Board and Shareholder Documentation, Consulting Agreements; Employment and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Commercial Contracts, Stock Purchase Plan Development and Administration, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Joint Ventures and Partnerships, International and Cross-Border Transactions.

Domestic Business Formation

We will form new business entities of various types in all US jurisdictions. Included are traditional Corporations, General Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and such other entities that are legally authorized and useful. The reason for forming such entities are almost too numerous to mention, but many of them are for new businesses, new partners, commercialization of new technology, and integrated estate planning. Sometimes these entities are created in support of related activities involving a new business management relationship, mergers, divestitures, transfer of assets from planning purposes, protection from creditors or restructuring.

While local domestic corporations are common, we frequently provide corporations in other states that may offer some unique advantages to the owners, depending on the nature of their business profile. The states of Delaware and Wyoming are particularly popular due to some of their unique characteristics.

Because there is a wide divergence in cost of formation in different states, we encourage you to contact us directly for specific quotes. Customized documentation that includes specific references to provisions that are unique to the entity generally runs $1700 USD, although significant supplementary documentation will increase the price.

If additional services are needed such as mail forwarding, assistance in establishing bank accounts, brokerage accounts, or other ancillary service, our firm will quote on these services on an individual client basis. Prices for these services will vary from state to state and on the degree of assistance a client requests.

If trademark or service mark assistance is required to preserve the rights to the company name or logo, those services can also be provided at an additional cost.

Offshore Business Formation

Offshore business or trust formation can be a very intriguing and extraordinarily useful resource depending on the client’s need. Frequently a client will come to us with a preconceived method of reaching their offshore goals. While many of our clients research the options thoroughly, in general we have found some clients misunderstand the requirements, or the advantages or disadvantages of a specific jurisdiction. Take advantage of our knowledge and research. Our materials are current, and our staff experienced. Let us help you identify the options for the best jurisdiction for your needs. Since we are not bound by one or two jurisdictions, as are most offshore providers, you get the benefit of an objective, pragmatic legal and practical assessment.

Our firm provides offshore business formation services in all major offshore financial centers. We assist the client in selecting the appropriate jurisdiction for the purpose and orchestrate the sometimes complicated the process of locating reliable offshore service providers. Having an extensive network of existing commercial foreign relationships and aware of the pitfalls of the myriad of choices in the offshore environment, we can provide the client guidance and experience.

Cross Border Insolvency

At Greenberg & Co. Solicitors, we are seasoned professionals providing insolvency, restructuring and asset recovery services. Our unique skill set, including professional licenses in the US, UK and BVI, allows efficient resolution of cross-border insolvency matters including receivership, administration and liquidation.

Restructuring and Corporate Recovery

Our background is workouts and turnarounds. We function as advisors to existing management, or when called upon by the Board of Directors or investors, to directly take control of the interim management of the challenged company. Due to our experience, we are able to quickly address the needs of companies that are in distress by identifying the factors contributing to the current management and financial issues. We provide appropriate, timely feedback to the Board of Directors or investors. After agreement with the stakeholders, our role is to take steps to stem any financial bleeding and put the company on a positive course for the future.

With a hands-on approach and strong abilities to navigate disputes and legal obstacles, we apply our skills and experience that enable us to identify, seize, and recover assets in an expedient manner.

Greenberg & Co. Solicitors have developed a well-defined reputation for proven experience, moving swiftly to resolve issues and save the company. If the company is beyond saving, we will harvest the maximum value for the stakeholders. We believe there is generally a workable solution and we strive to arrive at it with speed and efficiency.

Integrated Estate Planning

Many attorneys feel Estate Planning is primarily post-mortem planning. We believe it very much involves current financial planning combined with contingency planning for the time when a family member becomes incapacitated or passes on. It involves positioning assets for easy transfer, contiguous management and protection in addition to wills, trusts, and most importantly tax planning for the estate.

Our attorneys work with clients and their accountants or financial advisors to maximize the wealth that will ultimately be transferred to their beneficiaries by protecting assets from potential claims of non-beneficiaries, and minimizing transfer taxes. Accomplishing this goal usually requires the use of sophisticated trust instruments. Our professionals also help clients select appropriate executors and trustees, as well as guardians for minors.

The firm provides a wide range of estate planning services, including wills, trusts (Insurance Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Foreign Asset Protection Trusts, Spendthrift Trusts, etc.), family owned companies, and family limited partnerships. We start by reviewing a client’s existing estate plan, whether it be a simple will or a complex asset protection structure. Our tax professionals will work with the client and his/her accountants to identify tax minimization techniques and where appropriate incorporate into a new comprehensive plan. Where there is harmonization required between family controlled business entities, and family trusts, we provide the necessary coordination.

Integrated Estate Planning combines current financial planning, protection of assets and minimization of taxes when assets pass on to family members or other beneficiaries. It looks beyond strictly traditional wills, but rather at the management of assets today, and how the management will change with the occurrence of certain events. It takes into consideration the core competencies and interests of younger family members, and the qualifications of trustees and guardians. It looks at contingencies and back-up plans and provides flexibility for the future in the event of unforeseen events.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection review is appropriate for individuals who are in “high risk” (subject to frequent or frivolous litigation) professions or where there is a need to have a formal plan to transfer ownership to another generation or spouse independent of creditor attack. Foreign Asset Protection Trusts offer an unusual blend of protection through the use of the unique statutory structure created in several popular Offshore Financial Centers. However, they entail material costs and potential tax reporting requirements. A qualified legal firm should be retained to assist with implementing any Asset Protection Plan.

We are neither suggesting nor advocating Asset Protection Trusts for every individual or family. There are many cases where other alternatives may prove more beneficial. Nevertheless, for many clients the effort is worthwhile. Our firm is prepared to assist clients in most related commercial, contractual and asset protection matters. Please feel free to contact our office if you believe an Asset Protection Plan or Asset Protection Trust may be appropriate in your particular situation.

Yacht Registration in the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands ship registry (the Registry) program provides yacht registration in a highly reputable jurisdiction that complies fully with the internationally adopted standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). International lending institutions, shipbuilders, and ports have recognized and maintained full confidence in the Marshall Islands vessel registration, documentation, and preferred ship mortgage recordation standards and procedures. It is this adherence to standards and stellar reputation that has made the Marshall Islands Registry the fourth largest open registry in the world.

The information above is published as part of general information series for visitors to our web site. If you need to pursue a specific strategy, make sure you do it with the assistance of a professional.