Corporate/Business/Commercial Law, including Foreign and Domestic Business Structures, Business Formation, and Contracts
We are the only Licensed
BVI Insolvency Practicioners with
US, UK & BVI Legal Credentials
Asset Protection, including Foreign/Domestic Restructuring; Family Limited Liability Companies, and Foreign Asset Protection Trusts
Trusts and Estates, including Estate Plans, Trusts, Wills, Tax Analysis/Planning, plus Charitable Giving Strategies
We offer traditional approaches
and non-traditional creative solutions

Greenberg and Co. Solicitors

Welcome to our firm’s site, which is now “mobile friendly”.  As International Attorneys and Insolvency Practitioners, it is easy to focus on the technical and statutory issues associated with our work.  But that is only part of our job.  We want to make sure our efforts to connect with our clients remains clear and productive. If we cannot do that, we have failed in providing responsive, value-oriented service for reasonably complex areas of international business and law.  This site is our latest effort to meet that goal.  We hope you find it helpful.

———– Daniel Greenberg, Principal
Greenberg & Co. Solicitors